Kensington Development Partners and IM Properties have formed a partnership that combines Kensington’s vast experience in commercial real estate development with IM’s substantial cash resources and entrepreneurial spirit.

IM Properties and the Principals of Kensington have forged a unique relationship which was founded in 2009 and had the confidence to develop when others couldn’t during the Global Financial Crisis.


The partnership is a unique blend of talented professionals with decades of experience in the United States and UK which has capitalized on their financial strength, development expertise and a deep understanding of the commercial real estate market. The partnership relies upon its vast experience and creative approach to understand and solve the complexities that often arise in the development process. With IM’s portfolio currently valued in excess of One Billion Dollars, the partnership has access to substantial cash resources from internal funds enabling them to maximize the potential of a wide range of exciting commercial development opportunities

Innovation and people are at the heart of our platform. We strive to be at the cutting edge of consumer choice, to work with innovative category leading retailers to deliver Class A projects. This approach has seen the principals of both companies work together to deliver over 2,700,000 square feet of ground up development since 2009, an investment of over $850M.

The partnership between IM Properties and Kensington creates an exciting opportunity for growth in a rapidly changing real estate environment. With their substantial cash resources, entrepreneurial structure, and strong relationships, Kensington and IM Properties can maximize their potential to develop, acquire or invest in a wide range of exciting commercial real estate opportunities.



With IM’s substantial balance sheet and Kensington’s reputation for delivery, our partnership is able to consider a wide variety of opportunities from Single Tenant big box retail to Shopping Centers and mixed-use projects. We will review and analyze all real estate deals that provide an opportunistic approach, but our main focus is on the following:

  • Urban and downtown retail with residential components on upper floors
  • New or stalled retail/mixed use projects which require the confidence of equity to kick start them; 25,000 – 750,000 sq feet +
  • Existing cash flowing shopping centers with repositioning opportunities in the short to medium term
  • Well located land; urban, or suburban sites capable of securing retail and mixed-use entitlement
  • Single Tenant or larger projects with a strong anchor

Most of all; we want relationships with people that will last. Whether it is relationships with retailers, developers, our banks, professionals or municipalities, IM and Kensington are looking for the next development and repeat business. We bring financial strength, pragmatism and experience which add deliverability to the development process.